Monday, March 5, 2012

Plant of the week 10

I thought I should remind those of you who love your plants, or are struggling to learn them, that we are now up to week 10 in our Plant of The Week on Pinterest.

This weeks plant is Cornus mas - (Cornelian cherry)

Cornus mas is native central and southern Europe  and has been cultivated for centuries in the UK and elsewhere for its edible fruits. This photograph was taken in our home town of Chabris a couple of days ago. It is a densely branched deciduous shrub or small tree with brilliant-yellow flowers borne in clusters, giving it a golden glow when in full flower and lifting the spirits on a dull winters day.

Close by were thousands of Snowdrops in flower on the banks of the river Cher and on the lawns of the old mill, now used as an arts workshop.

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